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Mobile working for Social Workers

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Wouldn’t it be good if your people could see more service users every day?

A recent report states that Social Workers spend only 15% of their time with service users.

By giving your teams the right tools and access to the right data you can increase their productivity by up to 50 per cent and improve service levels at the same time.

What sort of difference could that make to you, your staff and your organisation?

Improving outcomes for you and your service users

We can help you increase productive time with easy to use mobile apps. Your people can access and update information in real time. So they spend less time on paperwork and more time with service users. And we can help you to manage workloads, schedules and appointments better.

We’ll work with you to redesign your processes to be more flexible and efficient to free up people's time. To improve outcomes for you and your service users.

And we’ll help you to build a compelling business case for this project to show clear return on investment.

What do you get?

  • We deliver the devices, connections and apps to help you spend more time with service users and smart tools to intelligently manage workloads, schedules and appointments on the move
  • We’ll give you advice on what sort of technology is available to suit the needs of your team.
  • We can offer all of this as an optional managed service
  • We’ll help demonstrate value for money and return on investment for your business case as well.
  • And we share ideas and insight from other successful applications and projects we’ve been involved in.

Why BT?

  • The best and widest range of connectivity with over 5 million mobile hot spots and the latest mobile and broadband services to keep your people connected wherever they are.
  • Choice from a wide range of mobile devices to meet the specific needs of your people.
  • A flexible approach to pricing.
  • All of this can be offered as a managed service at a competitive price per user per month. Or if you prefer a capex payment, we can help.
  • Easy to do business – you can procurement via established framework contracts such as G-Cloud

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Mobile working for social workers is available for UK public sector organisations.