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Nervecentre from BT


Delivering improved patient care at the heart of the hospital

Hospitals are typically only fully staffed for around 40 hours per week. So in a working week, there are 128 hours when there are fewer doctors attending to the needs of patients.

Rising admission levels and reduced junior doctor hours are placing a real strain on how hospitals coordinate workloads. Using bleep pagers and coordinators is inefficient. As patients with urgent needs cannot be prioritised over routine care, there’s increased risk of harm.

Nervecentre from BT provides task management, mobile handover and electronic observations. It improves patient flow, frees up clinical time, reduces critical incidents, improves patient safety and delivers workforce efficiency.

What you get

We provide you with clinical software and mobile applications to deliver;

Task management – immediate, assured notification of important information to clinicians. Activities are auditable, prioritised and fairly distributed across the workforce. This module can enable the efficient management of:

  • Hospital @Night (H@N)
  • Porter management
  • Daytime task management
  • Specialist and emergency referrals
  • Therapist task management
  • Deteriorating patients
  • Pathology results

Recording and escalating observations – Nervecentre manages your end-to-end observations process. From defining the observations required to identifying trends in results and escalating these to senior clinicians we can help. All patient information is available to the whole team. We provide:

  • Support for nurses
  • Cascading escalations
  • Full audit trail and governance
  • Support for adult and paediatric observations
  • Integration into H@N management

Mobile electronic handover – the end of shift handover is simpler and safer as observations and notes can be shared on mobile devices.

Messaging – Nervecentre can link to you active directory to replace your current Bleep system and create an efficient communications and messaging tool. It uses individual messaging or wide area page instead of public Tannoy addresses.


  • A British Medical Journal (BMJ) study on a Nervecentre deployment reported a 70 per cent reduction in clinical incidents and the average length of stay go down 12 per cent (bed costs are approximately £400 per day).

    British Medical Journal (BMJ) study March 2012 (Nottingham University Hospital, (NUH))
  • According to a paper by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) more than 8,000 hours of senior clinical time was released back into patient care per annum following Nervecentre deployment at NUH.

    There were also savings of £100,000 per year, releasing benefits through improved staffing information.

ACCA Whitepaper, May 2011 (NUH)

Why BT?

  • We’re one of the largest providers of healthcare technology in the world and have been working with the NHS for over 65 years to keep critical services running.
  • We have the clinical, technical and project management experience to transform your clinical workflow management.
  • Easy to do business – you can purchase via G-Cloud framework contract

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Nervecentre from BT is available for UK public sector organisations.