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The benefits

Mobile savings of up to 20 per cent

Mobile phones are great. They are changing the way we all work for the better. But for many organisations, the associated costs – especially for voice and data roaming - are spiralling out of control.

BT One Mobile global is our solution. It lets your people stay productive and connected wherever they are and keeps mobile spending firmly under control. Even better, it takes away the hassle of managing multiple mobile contracts, invoices and users around the world.

Life will be easier. We replace multiple monthly bills and myriad local relationships with one single, central point of contact for their global mobile services. The accounts departments will be liberated from puzzling over tariffs and reconciling long invoices.

The bill will be accurate. By checking and validating their mobile invoices, we won’t let customers spend a cent more than necessary. For the first time, they can be confident that their mobile expenditure mirrors only what they actually used. In our experience, this process alone can often produce savings of between five and ten per cent.

You will understand where the money goes. Our detailed analysis of call data will reveal exactly who is spending what, helping to monitor mobile usage (and to encourage people to use their phones responsibly).

Bills will go down. Our combination of smart analytics, strong usage policies and least-cost routing features mean that customers will spend less. We regularly achieve savings for our customers of up to 20 per cent of the total cost of ownership of their mobile estate.

We give peace of mind that customers are paying a fair market rate. Our knowledge of mobile tariffs and packages will help buy mobile services at the most competitive prices.


We chose BT as our primary global mobility governance supplier because of their reactivity, flexibility and ability to fully understand our local and global requirements… We think we have chosen the right partner to help us implement strong corporate mobility policies and control and predict our mobile spending”.
- Thor Grefslie, global telecommunication & network sourcing manager, CGG

The details

Cut the cost and hassle of mobility

When you choose BT’s solution, we’ll take over the running of all your mobile phone contracts, checking every bill and making sure that you only pay exactly what you should. Then we help you negotiate better tariffs and find new ways to cut your overall spending.

Supplier consolidation
We provide procurement and contracting for 3rd party mobile access and the option for a flat rate EU mobile tariff for EU countries.  The service allows the customer to consolidate contracts with multiple mobile providers into a single agreement with BT therefore removing the complexity (and cost) of managing multiple suppliers for global mobile services.

Cost control
Make mobile savings of up to 20%.
Our TEM (Telecom Expense Management) tools will identify potential savings. We use ‘least cost routing’ technology to get costs down even further, diverting voice calls over the BT One Voice network, using the most competitive route available. In addition, our mobile data optimisation technology will manage and control mobile data usage so that it requires less bandwidth.

Dedicated service and support
Because mobile is now so critical to business, we provide dedicated support with a single point of contact for all our customer’s mobile services. They maintain the contractual relationship with the mobile network operator, but  we’ll process, check and pay all bills on their behalf.

Value added services

BT One Mobile secure devices helps secure, monitor, manage and support company-owned and employee-owned mobile devices deployed across an organisation, including smartphones, tablet computers, mobile phones and ruggedised laptops.

BT One Mobile secure applications lets you authenticate, secure, manage and deploy applications through an easy to use portal. Its consumer-style app catalogue gives employees (or business partners/customers) choice in a familiar environment.

BT One Mobile secure access lets users connect to one of BT’s 6.5 million global wi-fi hotspots with seamless secured connection over the Internet.


Available in Europe

BT One Mobile global is currently available in Europe and will be launched in US/APAC shortly.