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Public Services Network (PSN)

PSN Frameworks

To make purchasing more straightforward for you, BT maintains a strong presence on the relevant Crown Commercial Services procurement frameworks.

There are 2 PSN Frameworks, PSN Connectivity and PSN Services which allow you to purchase a broad range of network connectivity and communications services.  These include both services that are compliant with the PSN (Public Services Network) standards and many others which are not.

The 2 PSN Frameworks have been extended until early in 2015, when the new Network Services Framework will be in place to provide a similar range of services.

Our PSN services

BT is listed on the following PSN Frameworks and Lots:

PSN Connectivity (RM860)
This includes, for example:

  • Network connectivity (including PSN compliant WANs)
  • Network encryption services
  • Network gateways
  • Key management (PKI services)
  • Related professional services and integration

PSN Services (RM1498)

  • Lot 1 Communications Services
  • Lot 2 CCTV
  • Lot 3 Videoconferencing and Telepresence
  • Lot 4 Managed Equipment Rooms
  • Lot 5 Call and Contact Centres
  • Lot 8 Managed and Unmanaged LAN
  • Lot 9 Gateways and Remote Access Services
  • Lot 10 Unified requirements involving combinations of lots, including Lot 6 Mobile and Lot 7 Paging

BT also offers services through other government procurement frameworks, including:

Available in the UK

BT services offered via the PSN frameworks are available to all public sector organisations within the UK.