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Public Services Network (PSN)


PSN Frameworks

To make purchasing more straightforward for you, BT maintains a strong presence on the relevant Crown Commercial Services procurement frameworks.

There are 2 PSN Frameworks, PSN Connectivity and PSN Services which allow you to purchase a broad range of network connectivity and communications services.  These include both services that are compliant with the PSN (Public Services Network) standards and many others which are not.

To provide continuity of service during the development and launch of Network Services (RM1045) contract anticipated to be late May 2015, PSN Services (RM1498) and PSN Connectivity (RM860) agreement has been extended to 26 June 2016 and 24 April 2016.

Please note that this extension incorporates an additional requirement for customers to seek written approval from CCS before they proceed with their further competition by completing the template (Appendix 1) within the new Call-Off Schedule 8 (Framework Authority Award Approval).

The details

Our PSN services

BT is listed on the following PSN Frameworks and Lots:

PSN Connectivity (RM860)
This includes, for example:

  • Network connectivity (including PSN compliant WANs)
  • Network encryption services
  • Network gateways
  • Key management (PKI services)
  • Related professional services and integration

PSN Services (RM1498)

  • Lot 1 Communications Services
  • Lot 2 CCTV
  • Lot 3 Videoconferencing and Telepresence
  • Lot 4 Managed Equipment Rooms
  • Lot 5 Call and Contact Centres
  • Lot 8 Managed and Unmanaged LAN
  • Lot 9 Gateways and Remote Access Services
  • Lot 10 Unified requirements involving combinations of lots, including Lot 6 Mobile and Lot 7 Paging

BT also offers services through other government procurement frameworks, including:


Available in the UK

BT services offered via the PSN frameworks are available to all public sector organisations within the UK.