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Scottish Fixed Telephony Services Framework


Fixed, predictable calls and lines costs

About the Scottish Fixed Telephony Services Framework

The Scottish fixed telephony services, is a multi-supplier contract for the procurement of telephone services calls and lines including line rental.

Our service

BT can reduce the cost of your phone bill and make it simpler to manage. Our solution provides a fixed cost for all of your lines inclusive of voice calls and with zero installation charges.

Our “all you can eat“ pricing delivers your lines/channels inclusive of all Local, National, IDD and UK Fixed to Mobile outbound calls for a competitive, simple fixed quarterly rental. The BT service can be ordered on a site by site basis allowing you to select and tailor the appropriate voice solution for each site dependent upon how you use your telephony.


  • Reduced voice costs. NHS Scotland has already benefited from a 30% reduction in costs.
  • A fixed, predictable cost for all of your calls and lines spend making it easy to budget.
  • Easy to buy – frameworks reduces the cost of procurement cost and your time.
  • Management tools - we have a number of MIS tools to help monitor, manage and report both rental and usage and capacity.
  • Enhanced Resilience – delivered from BT’s 99.999 resilient platform, when used in conjunction with other BT voice services, separacy can be delivered at no additional cost making it ideal for your headquarters and other business critical sites.
  • Improved Service Levels – BT Total Care Maintenance – providing a guaranteed 4 hour response and 24 hour fix on a 24/7/365 basis is provided at no additional cost.
  • Reduced Corporate Mobile Spend – No requirement for costly ‘Mobex’ type services as all outbound fixed to mobile calls are included within the quarterly rental.


Scotland public service organisations

BT services offered via the Scottish framework contract are available to government organisations in Scotland.