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Service Management Options

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The benefits

Enhanced services from our skilled professionals

Get skilled resources and extra services to help support the most important IT and communications services you buy from us.

Improve your service
With enhanced networking, monitoring and reporting, and back-up from our skilled staff, your essential services will get an extra level of support to match their importance. As well as getting an even higher level of network support than our standard services, you’ll be able to have specific service management built around your needs.

Cut your costs, boost your revenues
With better service and less downtime, you’ll cut your overall expenditure. You’ll also make it easier for your people to work more effectively with each other and customers. And that will help you get more done, faster.

Get the service you want, where you want
As well as ‘personalising’ service management to suit your particular needs, you can raise the level of support we give you across many sites, or just specific ones. The choice is yours.

Shrink your carbon footprint
Higher levels of service support away from the office will help you get the benefits of more home and remote working. Like higher productivity and a smaller carbon footprint.

Plan in service from the start
You can get the full benefit of IT network support by making it part of your organisation from when we start designing and deploying your systems.

What you get

Extra service where you need it

Our Service Management Options give you enhanced service operations and management across multiple sites and services.

Service Management
You’ll have one of our service management professionals assigned to your business. They’ll be your contact for everything connected with enhanced service management.

The service can include:

  • a client service plan
  • Quality of Service (QoS) reviews
  • a service improvement plan
  • a service development plan.

Project Management
Full project management support to help you move from your existing networks to ours. With support from signing the contract to finishing the project you’ll get:

  • a regularly updated roll-out plan
  • project control to monitor progress
  • monthly remote or on-site client project reviews and weekly progress reports
  • change control to capture and assess change requests to your original contract and project plan
  • test plans and acceptance procedures to confirm you’re getting the functionality you expected
  • project consolidation to fine-tune and stabilise your service once it’s up and running.

Technical Advisory Services
Technical consultants to tackle technical issues, give you training or handle advanced data networking tasks. You can use Technical Advisory Services through:

  • daily rates – you pay per day, per consultant
  • tailored packages: you buy a fixed-rate consultancy package for a specific task.

Proactive Management

CPE monitoring:
extra customer premises equipment (CPE) monitoring for your customer premises equipment (CPE), like BT network routers. You’ll get round-the-clock management of your core networks from our central management centres, with self-healing features to keep downtime low.

BT Secure Router View: gives your authorised employees access to BT-maintained routers so they can trace IP addresses and check:

  • system hardware and software status
  • IP route information
  • status and configuration
  • interface summaries.

Change Management
This service makes configuration changes for you from our remote network management centres. Options include alterations to CPE configurations, back-up features, prioritising traffic and administering remote access.

Reporting Management
VPN reports for MPLS clients add to our standard reports with options including CPE Health, site-to-site network performance, and the ability to upgrade your report delivery from weekly to Near Real Time.

More reasons to buy

We’re with you every step of the way

Our highly experienced staff have in-depth knowledge of your needs when it comes to communication. That means you can count on us to keep your network running reliably and efficiently.

Because we draw on long-standing technical expertise in managing IT infrastructures we can give you high levels of reporting and monitoring, as well as the right level of service to match your needs.