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Improving job allocation and workflow for your people

Having access to patient information where and when it is needed can free up time to spend with patients. The Department of Health (DH) final report on the National Mobile Health Worker Project* found that clinicians in one organisation who used mobile devices were able to spend up to double the amount of time with their patients while seeing the same number of patients each day.

TotalMobile from BT can provide clinicians with access to patient information and workflow management on the move. It’s ideal for people who don’t need a laptop but still need to view and update records when out in the community.

How does it work?

TotalMobile provides an application to connect field teams to patient records. Integrating with your patient record system, it provides the tools you need to intelligently manage workloads, schedules and appointments.

With TotalMobile organisations can:

  • Connect frontline staff to patient records. Improve patient experience by having access to patient information where and when it is needed, free up time to spend with patients.
  • Less stress through fewer hospital admissions having patient information at your fingertips can help you to take more informed decisions and avoid the stress and inconvenience of avoidable admissions for patients.
  • Integrates with your patient record system and automates your workflow with jobs allocated using business rules, matching the nearest skilled person with the patient. Providing increased efficiency, productivity, accuracy and patient safety.
  • Spend more time with patients. Mapping software helps you plan appointments, maximising time with patients and minimising unnecessary travel.
  • Data security. All data is encrypted and can only be accessed by the registered user of the device — access to the data is then further authenticated by the application
  • Device management - The application and device can be linked into device management software for location and remote management and a user’s account can be deactivated at any time by the system administrator.
  • TotalMobile works on a wide variety of devices iPads or iPhones, Android devices, Windows or Blackberry smart phones. Whatever is the most appropriate device for the individual, we provide the best service for the specific roles within your organisation.
  • Your people can stay in touch on the move because you’ll be using the UK’s biggest 3G and 4G networks and have access to more than five million BT wi-fi hotspots.

Why BT?

  • We’re one of the largest providers of healthcare technology in the world, with a vast amount of experience in delivering healthcare solutions
  • The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has trusted us for more than 65 years, and depends on our technology and support to keep critical services running.
  • Easy to do business – you can purchase via G-Cloud and the PSN framework contracts

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This mobile service allows our staff to gain instant secure access to the most up to date information stored on our electronic patient record system. This means our community teams for example, can plan their visits more efficiently and effectively to maximise their time with their patients.”

Using G-Cloud we were able to speed up the procurement process as a whole and keep the costs down as we didn’t have to go to the expense of putting the contract out to tender.”
- Adrian Snarr, director of Finance, Infrastructure and Informatics at Humber NHS Foundation Trust


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Available for UK Public sector