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Subscribe to one of our great value for money packages and gain valuable discounts on your calls and lines from BT. We have a range of discount packages available to suit your individual needs.

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Analyst Alert

Your early warning system that monitors the calls you make and alerts you by e-mail when cost thresholds you pre-set are exceeded.

Analyst Converge

BT Analyst Converge is a powerful, online billing analysis tool giving immediate access to your BT OneBillPlus data.

BT Featureline and Featureline Compact


A phone line with advanced call management features for a set monthly rental fee

BT ISDN line


Boost your internet access and phone quality with up to 30 ISDN channels at 64kbps each.


Inbound voice services from the cloud improve operational agility and resilience, and reduce costs.

Call discounts

BT Customer Commitment

Cut the cost of your calls, with no package or joining fees

Call discounts

BT Premier Value

Bring your call services together and cut your costs for even better value

Inbound Analyst

A dynamic data mining and analysis tool that enables you to evaluate and improve the inbound telemarketing call experience.