Professional services and consultancy

Effective services to help you improve the operational efficiency of your organisation.

BT Advise

BT Advise One

Our experts can ensure your BT Managed UC Applications service is implemented quickly, smoothly and successfully.

IT infrastructure assessment

BT Compute Assess

Experience and expertise to help you make the most of your IT systems

IT infrastructure optimisation

BT Compute Migrate

Make the move to a better IT infrastructure

IT Storage and Data Management Services

BT Advise Compute Storage Design and Data Management

Professional Services that deliver a data management strategy that meets all your needs

IT Transformation and Architecture Services

BT Advise Compute Infrastructure Architecture Design

Professional services that deliver the right IT infrastructure for your business strategy

Sustainable IT consulting

BT Advise Sustainable IT Consulting

Professional services to help you identify how and where sustainability improvements in your IT environment can improve your business performance.