Access choices

Make the right access choice for your critical connection between your worksite and our network

BT Connect | Networks that think



Get affordable access to your VPN or internet service.

BT Radianz

Connect to Euroclear’s EasyWay service using BT Radianz

Custom VSAT

We’ll provide satellite connectivity when terrestrial networks aren’t available or reliable.


DSL Access

When you need affordable access to your VPN, DSL is a great alternative to a leased line.


Ethernet over Copper Access UK

Get flexible and affordable access to your VPN or internet service from almost anywhere

EFM, EFM fibre

Ethernet over Fibre Access UK

Get flexible access to your VPN or internet service from almost anywhere

Financial extranet

BT Radianz Provider

Making your services accessible to the largest secure networked financial community in the world

Financial Markets Extranet

Thomson Reuters Financial Community Network

BT Radianz Thomson Reuters FCN connectivity.

Financial markets extranet

BT Radianz Member

Access services quickly, reliably and cost-effectively from hundreds of providers across all of the financial services sector internationally

Global network satellite access

Satellite Access

Another way to connect offices in remote areas when land-based access is expensive or unavailable

Leased line access, private circuits

Global Leased Line Access

Get guaranteed access performance to your VPN or internet service with dependable leased lines

Leased line access, private circuits

Leased Line Access UK

Get guaranteed access performance to your VPN or internet service almost everywhere with dependable leased lines

Low latency financial cloud

BT Radianz Connect

The BT cloud platform provides low latency for accessing hosting centres execution venues internationally

Network-to-Network Interconnects

Reach-in Network Interconnects

Connect to your MPLS IP VPN through our partners

Satellite broadband

BT Satellite Broadband Enterprise

Broadband connectivity via satellite at remote sites where terrestrial connections are unavailable.

Satellite Broadband Mobile

The convenience of vehicle-mounted, self-deploying IP satellite broadband wherever you need it.

Satellite IP networks

BT Satellite IP

Gain reliable IP connectivity in remote locations in the EMEA region via satellite.

Satellite Services

Mission critical satellite communications services for businesses worldwide

Superfast/GEA Broadband

BT Superfast access UK

Get Superfast access to your IP VPN, Ethernet VPN or internet service, delivering more bandwidth for less

Temporary site satellite broadband

BT Rapid Site Setup

Connect temporary and remote sites across the UK with our satellite broadband service.