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Dedicated Services connect your sites from one site to another. They are end to end which means they use exact the same network service from one site all the way to the other. They are an ideal choice where your sites are close together or where you need very high performance. They are an important option to get the best overall solution.

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Deliver the benefits of mobility by protecting what matters most, removing complexity and driving high levels of adoption with instant scalability.

Realise the benefits of mobility while maintaining application integrity and control of mobile costs.

Connect your people securely, wherever they are, whatever device they’re using.

Our telecom expense management service can help you cut your mobile communication costs by up to 30 per cent​

Further products & services

Analyst Alert

Your early warning system that monitors the calls you make and alerts you by e-mail when cost thresholds you pre-set are exceeded.

Call traffic monitoring

BT Network Call Performance through Analyst Converge

Are you missing incoming calls, and how much is affecting your customer experience or costing you in missed opportunities?

Consolidated BT billing

BT OneBillPlus

Multiple bills are a hassle. We’ll deliver a single bill to help you improve efficiency and identify cost savings.

Field Force Enterprise Applications

Improve mobile employee productivity with robust enterprise applications that integrate with your existing back-end systems.

International mobile cost savings

BT One Voice mobile access

Take advantage of our high-quality BT One Voice network to reduce your international mobile call costs.

Mobile usage tracker

BT Mobile Tracker

Taking cost control to a whole new level.

Mobility lifecycle management

BT Mobility Lifecycle Management Quick Start

Containing the mobile device explosion

Online consolidated BT billing

BT Analyst Converge

BT Analyst Converge is a powerful, online billing analysis tool giving immediate access to your BT OneBillPlus data.

Personal mobile call management

BT Autobalance

We can help you simply and accurately identify personal calls made from company mobiles and reduce costs with BT Autobalance.