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Managed security services

BT Assure
Security that matters

BT brings you powerful managed security services to deliver the effective monitoring that helps protect your assets and ensures compliance. BT management makes light work of log and security procedures.

Featured products & services


Protect your revenue, productivity and brand with DDOS protection

BT managed firewalls provide core protection for your business

Make security visible in real time across your organisation

Enabling secure web communications and enforcing corporate security policy in the cloud, on any device, from any location

Further products & services

Cyber defence

BT Assure Cyber

Protecting your organisation from the cyber threat

Email security

BT Assure Message Scan

Protect your systems from malicious mail

Intrusion prevention

BT Assure Intrusion Prevention

Intelligent threat prevention – Smarter protection for your business

Log management and retention

BT Assure Log Retention

Make light work of log and security management while achieving your compliance and audit needs.

Managed web security

BT Assure Web Security

Essential protection for your web traffic

Penetration testing

BT Assure Ethical Hacking

Proactive protection of your brand, reputation, and valuable electronic assets.


BT Assure Public Key Infrastructure

Create a secure online environment for swapping sensitive information

Secure messaging

BT Radianz Messaging

Secure, reliable, tamperproof and non-repudiable message exchange

Vulnerability scanning

BT Assure Vulnerability Scanning

Identify security vulnerabilities before they harm your business. Take the BT managed approach and simplify network scanning.