Assess the IQ of my network in line with the aims of my organisation

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The basics

BT Connect can help you assess the IQ of you network by looking at the challenges it faces and how it is managed in line with your organisation’s objectives. Our BT Connect IQ eValuation is based on the three key factors of an intelligent network:

• organisational and operational integration
• performance
• and security.

By doing this we can help you get the best out of the infrastructure you have, helping you avoid unnecessary expense.

The result of the Connect IQ eValuation provides you with a roadmap based on the gap between your network’s current state and your desired future state. Then, based on the specific needs of your organisation, we’ll help you reduce your costs and improve efficiency by improving the aspects of your network that are letting your operations down.

You’ll be guided towards having a truly intuitive, intelligent network that can manage itself, monitor threats and deal with them efficiently as they arise. By understanding the IQ of your network you’ll be able to get the best out of it and lay solid foundations for the future.

Read on to see how we can assess the IQ of your network in line with the aims of your organisation.

An intelligent network has the potential to transform the role of CIOs and their teams because they can be freed from project-by-project resource building, allocation and oversight to spend more time with their C-level peers, focusing on the strategic challenges that will help drive their organisation forward.”
- David Molony, Principal Analyst, Ovum Enterprise Telecoms

Some of the best bits

Assess the IQ of your network with us and optimise it in line with the aims of your organisation:

  • Assess the intelligence of your network with our BT Connect IQ eValuator
  • Determine the current state of your network in view of your desired future state
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • Get an intelligent network that can manage itself
  • Avoid spending money on new hardware and improve your network’s performance
  • Obtain an adaptable network that can evolve with new technology

The next step

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The testimonies

BT’s Connect Intelligence service combines BT’s networking, technology and professional services capability with Compuware's market leading application performance management solution. This innovative service helps CIOs manage the complexity of the modern application delivery chain.”
- Ashish Gupta, President, Portfolio & Service Design, BT Global Services