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The basics

BT Assure can help you protect your network by monitoring it for you in real-time, and efficiently dealing with threats as soon as they occur. By detecting and preventing intrusions BT can save you money by avoiding the damage and repair operations that are necessary when threats go unnoticed.

Constant monitoring in-house can be a drain on your resources, and it costs a great deal of money to maintain your own cutting-edge surveillance infrastructure. By outsourcing your detection and prevention systems to a leading provider, who can spread the costs over many clients, you can cut your costs dramatically, and free-up your IT staff to focus on the day to day running of your organisation.

With a global reach, BT offers the most comprehensive real-time security monitoring available, and because it spots threats as they happen it will deal with them immediately, ensuring you can carry on as normal, and keep your organisation operational.

Read on or contact your account manager to see how BT Assure can provide you with the best real-time security monitoring available, and cut your costs:

Security and compliance requires specialised expertise, and it makes more sense to outsource that so my staff stay focused on the core business objectives. BT can survey all the potential threats worldwide and provide a much wider, more current view of the threats. That’s something we can’t do as efficiently, given our current staff levels.”
- John Lambeth, CISSP, CISA VP, Information Technology Blackboard Inc.

Some of the best bits

Get the best network monitoring services available, cut costs and free up your IT staff to keep you operational. Here are some of the things BT Assure can do to help:

  • Give you 24/7 security monitoring from the world’s top monitoring agency
  • Free up IT staff to focus on other issues
  • Help you to comply with auditing and compliance standards
  • Enable you to react quickly to security threats

Next steps

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The testimonies

BT was key in helping Carnival meet compliance requirements by providing a solution that monitors IDS traffic on the ships in real-time utilising minimal costly satellite bandwidth.”
- Carlos Beceiro, Manager of Information Systems Security, Carnival Cruise Lines