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The basics

BT can help your organisation apply the latest security and risk management solutions to ensure it’s prepared for the worst that the world can throw at it. Be it natural disasters or malicious attacks, with world-leading network security expertise and good continuity planning you can ensure that you minimise interruption to your day to day business.

BT can help you to take a considered look at your business operations, priorities and risks and let you see the complete picture. Our managed services make it easier to identify potential threats, and react before they do any damage. That way you can stay productive and also save money.

With decades of experience working at the forefront of network security, BT can help you understand and prioritise the risks your organisation faces, and give you the solutions to defend against the ever-changing threat environment.

Security and compliance requires specialised expertise, and it makes more sense to outsource that so my staff can stay focused on the core business objectives. BT can survey all the potential threats worldwide and provide a much wider, more current view of threats. That’s something we can’t do as efficiently, given our current staff levels.”
- John Lambeth, CISSP, CISA VO, Information Technology Blackboard Inc.

During the last five years, not a single security incident has occurred. During that period, BT has consistently enhanced the resilience of our business and has enabled our banks and their clients to meet and exceed regulatory obligations. At Isabel, we have come to appreciate BT as much more than a mere provider of network infrastructure services.”
- Philippe Dermine, Chief Technology Officer, Isabel

Our solutions can help you:

  • Get tailored, world-leading security that fits your needs
  • Reduce online fraud
  • Reduce your risk and operational costs
  • React quickly to security threats
  • Boost your credibility among consumers


White papers

BT Cyber Security Research – Executive summary

PDF-837 KB

Research that assesses attitudes to cyber security, emerging threats and levels of preparedness.

BT DDoS research summary

PDF-234 KB

Latest research assessing the impact of Denial of Service threats on large organisations today.

Whitepaper: The Connected Car


Security vulnerabilities for smart cars


Ovum decision matrix

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Selecting a global telco managed security services provider