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The basics

BT offers you innovative solutions to your customer relationship management challenges, and gives you the tools to focus your resources where they’re needed most. With networked agents who can be connected from anywhere in the world you can ensure your best people are on hand to give your customers the care they want. And scalable contact centres mean you can always respond quickly to peaks in demand — only paying for services you actually use.

With a focus on helping you give your customers a more satisfactory service and saving your organisation money, BT can boost your efficiency, simplify your operations and put a smile on the face of your customers — we can even take the risk out of a move into new markets.

BT will help you tailor your service to suit your customer’s needs, and brings with it the experience that comes with being one of the world’s leading contact solutions providers.

BT Global Services has developed and implemented new customer care systems that set unprecedented standards for customer interaction, timely response and/or attention to customer needs.”
- Frost & Sullivan

Customer service is one of those things that operators talk earnestly about... and all claim excellence. For the first time in a long time I got the impression that someone had grasped what this really means as a business... This is particularly relevant as telecoms and IT merge to become ICT. BT clearly understands this — many do not. Well done.”
- Ovum

Our solutions can help you:

  • Cut contact centre agent costs by 90 per cent
  • Enable your customers to help themselves
  • Insure against the risks of future planning and guide you into new markets
  • Virtualise you contact centres and boost efficiency
  • Be there for your customers whenever they need you
  • Get better first contact resolution
  • Reduce training and maintenance costs
  • Improve your reputation and keep your staff happy
  • Manage all your contact centre intelligence


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