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The basics

Our supply chain solutions are all about optimising the organisational efficiency of your supply chain, by gaining greater visibility of your reusable assets, the goods contained within them and an accurate picture of your inventory.

By monitoring your goods and assets across your global supply chain, we can help you drive efficiencies to reduce operational costs, increase employee productivity, comply with legislation and demonstrate sustainability.

We will help your employees be more productive with automation eliminating the need for manual checking at key points along your supply chain. And with greater asset visibility you’ll be able to control your costs, by optimising your assets.

With efficiency boosting, sustainable global solutions, we can make your systems work better for your organisation.

Read on to see more about how BT can help you manage your supply chains more efficiently.

The system means greater reliability in the delivery of products to our distributors. It also improves the traceability of products, giving us access to data via standard office IT applications. And we have now got online technical support.”
Enric Hernandez Montón, Department of Engineering and Maintenance, BASF Española

  • Increase sales and reduce operating costs
  • Improve on-shelf availability
  • Improve customer service
  • Gain better visibility and optimise your reusable assets across your organisation
  • Monitor the condition of equipment, assets and goods across the global supply chain
  • Comply with legislation and regulation
  • Protect against counterfeiting, loss and damage of goods
  • Demonstrate operation of sustainable supply chains