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The basics

Giving you the platform to deliver your services

Find out how we are utilising hybrid network solutions to do much more than connectivity. We are maximising the performance of your applications and providing a platform to make cloud services a reality. We are delivering a great performance.

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At BT Connect we know how important your network is to your organisation. As a world-leading provider of advanced networks we’ve built our reputation on bringing the most sophisticated communication technologies right to your door, delivering unrivalled network technology both locally and globally.

Our aim is to help your organisation succeed and grow with a network at the heart of your operations. As a world-leading network provider we’re always investing in the research and development of new network technology. Our expertise means we can make your company more efficient, your people more productive, your systems more secure and your customers happier.

Our customers have voted our network the most reliable, global IP network with a full range of access and service options. Whatever you need, and virtually wherever in the world you need it, we offer unbeatable service and unrivalled value for money.

The network is reliable and has made it easier for us to communicate both internally and with our clients. It will strengthen our business by supporting new business applications.”
-Erwin Roze, Network and Security Manager, Geoservices

Our BT Connect portfolio can help you:

  • Bring value to your business by operating an efficient, reliable and secure network
  • Get expert support from a world-leading provider of IP VPN solutions
  • Operate in 197 countries and territories
  • Stop congestion on your network by prioritising important traffic
  • Gain control of your network and improve its performance
  • Manage your costs and stay in control of your network
  • Unlock your business potential and grow into new markets
  • Provide access to expert support to ensure your network can match your ambitions
  • Seamlessly update your network infrastructure from IPv4 to IPv6 with Diamond IP
  • Attain unrivalled network security from a world-leading provider