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The basics

BT Compute offers you a range of data centre and expert services that will help your organisation succeed in a changing world. We focus on service based solutions — rather than simply providing technology that’s looking for a problem to solve — and our hybrid cloud services blend intelligent network and compute resources giving you the IT infrastructure you need to adapt, quickly and cost effectively.

We know that cloud can be a daunting prospect for many organisations. We demystify it and make it real for our customers through our expertise, range of solutions and secure services. We can make cloud meaningful to you and your industry, integrating it with your existing systems and letting you use it with confidence.

We offer local services built around an enterprise class global infrastructure to consistently deliver a reliable end-to-end service experience.

We selected BT because of its global reach and its successful track record in managing networked IT services for major corporations around the world.”
- Gilberto Ceresa, CIO FIAT Group

Our solutions can help you:

  • Get a flexible, scalable, global operational platform
  • Benefit from world-leading IT expertise and the peace of mind that comes with it
  • Get cloud services that benefit your organisation
  • Get global IT solutions delivered locally
  • Secure your data with the best security available
  • Get quick access to the latest technology from a world leading provider