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The art of connecting is working in harmony

We can help your people collaborate wherever they are.

To compete in today’s world, you need your people to be able to connect, collaborate and work seamlessly, wherever they are. Whether they’re on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone – yours or theirs.

So your IT has got to perform anywhere, any time. But at the same time, it’s got to make financial sense, be secure and work seamlessly.

We can help you work out the best mix of infrastructure, mobile technology, applications and hardware for your business, built around your precise goals and needs.

Giving you the tools and technology to unlock new ways of working.

Find out how people can collaborate – wherever they are and in whatever way they need to, while you keep control of cost and security.

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We can help you work in harmony by:

Connecting your people.

We’ll help you choose the best ways to connect all your people, wherever they are in the world. From optional add-ons, like instant messaging, presence, desktop sharing and crystal clear audio/video conferencing. To bringing your landline, mobile and VoIP systems together, so you can switch seamlessly (and enjoy the best rates and call quality). And with the UK’s biggest 3G and 4G mobile network and more than 14 million wi-fi hotspots around the world, we’ve got the coverage you need to stay connected.

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Giving your people a great experience.

When technology doesn’t work, people stop using it. So we make sure everything is intuitive to use, ready and reliable when you need it. Our Dolby voice conferencing sounds so sharp; everyone could be in the same room. And our video conferencing lets people collaborate face-to-face, whether they’re in a Telepresence suite, or on their computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Keeping your network, devices and applications secure.

With more and more people using their own devices and applications for business, you need to be certain everything is secure. With our security tools and services, you control who can access what, whether they’re on a phone, tablet or smartphone or computer – without intrusive technology. And we’ll keep your communications up and running even after serious incidents, with minimum disruption and no lost data.

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We can help you do all this cost effectively. Through the cloud, we can bring you all the benefits of unified communications for a fixed price per user – with no upfront costs. You can scale it up or down as you need to. And we’re upgrading all the time, so you can get the latest technology at no extra cost. But we’ll also help you get the most out of the equipment you’ve already got, so you don’t lose out on the investment you’ve already made.

Customer examples.

Ideas flow faster on video.

Indesit, the white goods manufacturer and distributor, needs a constant stream of new ideas to compete in a notoriously tough market. That means keeping people connected across 65 sites worldwide. For IT Service Delivery & Architecture Manager Andrea Landini, better quality video conferencing was the key. His challenge was laying it on with less bandwidth.

We’ve made it happen over our IP Connect global network. Video gets a set HD 512kbps quality. But the system automatically adjusts the compression rate on the codecs to stop the network getting overwhelmed. So, even with many video conferences happening at once, everyone carries on uninterrupted. Little wonder the video conferencing suites are booked solid. Now Indesit is putting video conferencing alongside its collaboration tool, Microsoft Lync. So its people can join video sessions from anywhere with no extra software.

It’s much more efficient to conduct a meeting when people can see each other. It helps keep the focus on the subject being discussed and promotes creative collaboration among interdisciplinary teams.”
- Andrea Landini, IT Service Delivery & Architecture Manager Indesit

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The Art of Connecting

Art of Connecting

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