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Protection against advanced malware

Cyber threats have changed radically in recent times. Most of today’s attacks are sophisticated, multi-faceted and highly targeted. Criminals are looking to trade sensitive personal information, intellectual property or insider information for cash.

Traditional protection devices rely heavily on malware signatures and already known patterns of abnormal behaviour. As a consequence they are not good at identifying and blocking “never-seen-before” threats, or ones that are designed to constantly mutate.

BT Assure Threat Defence is an enhancement to BT’s Assure Threat Monitoring service. It monitors all network points of entry and exit, web and email traffic, to identify and analyse suspicious behaviours that would indicate the presence of a potential breach.

As a managed service, you will have continuous access to experienced and certified cyber analysts which can provide you with immediate response to any critical alerts or targeted malware detected within your network.

Key benefits include:

  • Real-time blocking of web-based attacks
  • Fights blended attacks across web and email threat vectors
  • Protects against unknown, zero-day attacks
  • Security expertise on-tap - monitoring, managing and optimizing your network for maximum protection

The details

Meeting tomorrow’s cyber challenges, today

Meeting tomorrow’s cyber challenges, today
BT Assure Threat Defence blends industry leading FireEyeTM technology with BT’s managed threat monitoring service to deliver all around protection against cyber threats.

Real-time blocking of web-based attacks
Blocks web exploits and outbound multi-protocol by using a multi-vector correlation engine that confirms zero-day attacks, creates real-time threat intelligence, and captures dynamic callback destinations. Can be deployed in monitor mode, where it detects such events to trigger incident response, or in prevention mode, where it blocks TCP, UDP, or HTTP connections.

Fights blended attacks across web and email threat vectors
Protection for blended, advanced attacks using web, spear-phishing emails and zero-day exploits, providing real-time protection against malicious URLs and connecting the dots of a blended attack.

Protects against unknown, zero-day attacks
Checks suspicious binaries and web objects against a range of browsers, plug-ins, applications, and operating environments, tracking vulnerability exploitation, memory corruption, and other malicious actions and dynamically creates blocking rules.

Monitoring, managing and optimizing your network for maximum protection
With security devices being increasingly deployed throughout enterprise networks rather than just at the perimeter, it’s more than a full-time job for the security team of any enterprise to map organizational security policies to the detailed configuration of those devices and to ensure that the configurations remain up-to-date while business and technology needs change.

The internal challenges organizations face to achieve this includes:

  • recruiting and retaining the right people to provide a 24x7x365 global response
  • understanding the increasing sophistication of targeted attacks
  • coping with an increasing volume of attacks (e.g. phishing, malware)
  • difficulty managing changes to network and security infrastructure (e.g. new sites or capacity upgrades)

BT Assure Threat Defence helps you overcome these challenges by:

Managing the monitoring of your devices –BT monitors and manages your network security devices and adjusts response rules in accordance with your operational workflow requirements.

Optimizing the operation of your devices – BT can configure your network security devices with the latest attack signatures and updates to provide maximum recognition and defense against potential threats.

Providing security expertise on-tap – All your network security devices can be maintained and optimized by certified BT security experts eliminating the need for you to retain specialist staff with up to date knowledge of all the detailed configuration changes required for each security device. Our experts are available 24x7x365 to provide you with all the guidance necessary.

Easing the burden on your staff - you will gain more time for your own security staff to focus on defining and executing broader security strategies by not having to deal with the day-to-day monitoring and management multiple vendor security devices.


Advanced cyber threat protection for customers in the UK and North America

BT Assure Threat Defence is currently available in the United Kingdom and North America. Other regions will be added during the course of 2015.



BT Assure Threat Defence

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