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Professional services and consultancy for cyber attacks

Is your network security fit to resist any threat?

The internet’s great for businesses all around the world. It helps your people to collaborate from anywhere, cost-effectively. It also lets you promote your business in more ways than you ever dreamed possible. But while business is coming in through the virtual front door, are you sure that you’re not leaving the back door wide open to cyber attacks? 

Cyber attacks lose you customers and revenue – and damage your company’s reputation. So how do you know if your defences are good enough to withstand them? A Cyber Quick Start from BT Assure will tell you. Taking place between one to four weeks we’ll talk to key people, then test your organisation’s ability to guard against cyber threats. 

Working with you we’ll deliver a Cyber Assessment report that includes:

  • discoveries, issues and areas of concern about your current cyber defences
  • the identification of current attacks that may be aimed at your organisation
  • strategic and tactical recommendations that highlight what needs to be done to minimise the risk of falling victim to cyber attacks

What it costs

The Quick Start takes approximately 1 – 4 weeks. For detailed information on pricing, click “Get a quote” on the right or contact your BT Account Manager.

An experienced Cyber Defence team

The BT Assure Cyber Quick Start involves working with our highly skilled and experienced cyber defence team, who will guide you through your quick start journey.

We offer the experience and knowledge of our skilled cyber defence team, as well as unique tools, to help identify vulnerabilities, threats and risks to your organisation.

Technical specifications

Cyber business review and assessment

There are two main components to our BT Assure Cyber Quick Start service:

  • Cyber business review - our experienced security consultants will undertake a high level cyber business review, this will help us outline your business priorities and also determine the scope of the subsequent assessment activities.
  • Cyber Assessment - we’ll then carry out a series of Cyber Assessment activities to test and report on your ability to resist cyber attacks.

Following these two steps, we’ll then deliver a report with targeted strategic and tactical recommendations to provide increased confidence and peace of mind that you are doing all you can to minimise the risk of a cyber attack.


Assure Cyber Quick Start is available globally.



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