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Helping you see how you are using cloud

Cloud technology can increase the flexibility of your infrastructure, lower costs, increase computing capacity and make applications and services available on demand. It may also reduce the capital you have tied up in on-premise, maintenance-hungry systems. And as more and more organisations make the move to cloud it is now seen as a critical enabler for enterprise IT delivery. In fact, by 2018 it’s predicted at least half of all IT spending will be in the cloud and by 2020 a ‘no cloud’ policy will be as rare as a ‘no-internet’ policy is today. And 60% of all organisations are deploying hybrid cloud.

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment provides a complete assessment of your existing IT environment to help you maximise the benefits from your virtualisation and cloud computing strategy.

We can identify your cloud usage and help you understand which components can be most effectively migrated into a cloud environment.

The benefits

Exploiting the cloud in a safe and secure way

The key benefits.

Identify your strengths and address any weaknesses - we’ll pinpoint the quick wins, identify where your technical challenges lie, and show you how taking a structured design approach to your systems can benefit your organisation.

Save money - by making your IT systems work smarter. We’ll show you where you could be using your resources better, and identify what you could improve.

Get access to proven tools - our highly trained staff use tried and tested assessment tools and give you the detailed understanding you need to make your systems work harder for your organisation.

Get good results with minimal investment - you don’t need to commit to lengthy training or software licensing – we’ve already done that part for you. Instead, we’ll show you concrete examples of how you could improve your infrastructure.

Boost speed and efficiency - with our help, you’ll be able to develop more flexible, optimised IT systems which let you make technical changes faster, scale systems to meet the changing needs of your organisation, and introduce new business models and applications more easily.

Limit risk - our assessment will give you the knowledge to create systems that work better across production, test, and development environments. Making the most of your systems means you get the best cost of delivery and ensure your important business applications run at the right service levels.


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