Radianz Services


BT Radianz services help you to change the way that you do business. The traditional communications model of multiple application services spread across separate circuits, suppliers, equipment and management adds to complexity and costs with little if any benefit. That’s why you need a 21st-century solution that reduces complexity and costs – a solution that links you to clients and counterparties, banks and brokers, exchanges and industry infrastructures, services and applications - and that is fast, reliable and secure.

BT Radianz Value PropositionIf you’re a provider of services to the financial community, the BT Radianz Cloud enables quick and easy distribution of your services and applications to your clients and counterparties, as well as access to its broader user community that today includes many thousands of member locations around the world. If you’re a user of services from the financial community, the BT Radianz Cloud provides quick and easy access to an ever-increasing range of over 400 service providers covering almost every aspect of wholesale financial services.

Whether you need to communicate for banking services or financial markets, for payments or order routing, for the front office or the back office, the BT Radianz Cloud enables you to do so quickly, securely and reliably.

Our range of BT Radianz Services include specialist network-centric services for the financial community, including ultra-low latency connectivity services and managed hosting services, managed encryption services and secure messaging services for non-repudiable and tamper-proof message exchange. And now we are able to offer BT One Voice Radianz a new service that unifies voice, mobile and data services and delivers them to members of the BT Radianz Cloud, the world’s largest secure networked community for the financial services industry.

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BT Radianz Services overview

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How the BT Radianz Cloud supports the largest secure networked financial community in the world

BT One Voice Radianz

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BT Radianz Cloud customers can now access BT One Voice services over existing connections.

BT Radianz Venue Interconnect

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A lowest-latency cloud platform for accessing financial centres and hosting venues around

BT Radianz Providers and Brokers

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Examples of some of the 400+ service providers that are part of the BT Radianz Cloud community

BT Radianz Global FIX Connectivity

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Using the FIX Protocol and BT Radianz services to reach the world’s largest FIX user community

BT for Financial Services – Compliance

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Meeting the needs of an increasingly regulated environment


BT Radianz Messaging

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Fully managed, secure, end-to-end financial messaging