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Customers are omni-channel, even if they don’t realise it


16 November 2016

Dr Nicola Millard

Blogs by author: Dr Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight and Futures, BT


Most customers would be confused if you asked them whether they were omni-channel. But research suggests that’s exactly what they want to be.

Even though most customers aren’t familiar with the word ‘omni-channel’, they are well-versed in what it means — moving seamlessly between digital and physical channels. And, according to Dr Nicola Millard’s latest research, that’s exactly the kind of customer experience they’re looking for.

But the really interesting aspect is that customers don’t specifically look for this. What they look for is a seamless, tailored experience that will help them to reach their goal in the quickest, easiest, most enjoyable way. In today’s retail world, the best way to provide this is through the use of multiple channels.

To ensure a satisfying customer journey, the retail sector needs to continue to enhance the shopping experience with digital capabilities. Often this means signposting customers to the type of service they need at each stage of the purchase journey, and personalising every channel to the customer’s preferences.

Watch Dr Nicola’s video to find out more about the customer experience your customers are looking for:

To delve further into the findings, and uncover even more insights, have a read of Dr Nicola’s omni-channel white paper. You can also download the autonomous customer research.

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