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How airlines can use tech to empower their people


20 April 2017

Rhoderick van der Wyck

Blogs by author: Rhoderick van der Wyck, Global Industry Practice Lead — Travel, Transport and Logistics, BT.


New tech can help your airline perform better in a simpler, smarter and faster way. Here’s why the key is digitally empowering your people.

The need to build a more dynamic business.

Challenging times lie ahead for the airline industry — not through a lack of business, but because of a huge rise in demand and competition. As I touched on in an earlier article, this summer is likely to bring about the greatest surge in customer numbers that the airline industry has ever seen.

To meet that demand successfully (and, ideally, better than your competitors) you’ll need your employees to work to the best of their ability — to be as efficient, productive and motivated as possible.

The secret to achieving this, I believe, lies in technology. There are three digital solutions which come to mind, that could play a large role in achieving everything I’ve just mentioned. So, let’s take a look.

Three digital technologies to empower your people.

Crystal-clear conferencing.

When you’re busy, it’s imperative that decision making is fast and communication is clear. That’s why it’s important that your conference calls are of the highest quality. With technology such as Dolby Voice, your conference calls feel like meeting in person, and this more natural feel can make your people’s meetings much more productive.

Flexible working.

Tying your people to their desks isn’t a productive way to get things done. With mobile technology, your people can work flexibly, making much more of their precious time, as well as cutting travel costs. On top of that, flexible working is great for morale, which, in turn, will increase your people’s productivity.

Devices that create better customer service.

When competition is high, it’s important that you attract and retain customers. To do that, your people need to give the best service they can — and technology can help them do that. With the best devices, a fast network and the right applications, your people can make your customers’ journeys as painless as possible. 

Find out more.

The solutions I’ve touched on here are really just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a whole world of technology out there, with the power to completely transform your people’s working experience — and your airline.

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