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INFOGRAPHIC: Tracking trends in general insurance


19 July 2016

Global Services

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Consumers’ relationships with insurance providers are complex. To help unravel people’s wants and needs, here’s the culmination of five years’ research.

For almost five years, we, alongside Avaya, have conducted far-reaching research into consumers’ relationships with financial services.

Called Youbiquity Finance, this research is now an important source of information for businesses in the insurance and banking sectors that want to understand trends in consumer behaviour.

For all the information available, however, there is one small catch — consumers are highly complex and sometimes even contradictory.

That’s why we thought we’d give you a helping hand. We’ve put together this infographic, pulling out the key points from our latest Youbiquity Finance report, and making them easily digestible for you.

Read our infographic below to find out exactly what consumers in the general insurance sector are looking for…

Download our general insurance report to find out even more.