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INFOGRAPHIC: Video in the workplace


14 September 2016

Global Services

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It’s good to talk. Effective strategies, great creative ideas and team cohesion can all stem from better communication. And we collaborate better when we can see the people we’re talking to.

Enter video. It’s a tool most employees want to see in the office. From mobile or desktop to conference call, it has great potential to make communication easier, get projects off the ground and make sure that messages aren’t lost in translation.

In the digital dislocation of today’s workplace, video calling clients and colleagues means building trust, rapport and consensus in a way that’s difficult to recreate via email or telephone. Plus, video can help your brand stay ‘on message’ by making sure that everyone sees and hears the same thing.

As this technology becomes a more pervasive tool in the workplace, it’s important to keep up with how it can help your business. Check out our infographic on how employees would like to use video more at work:

Video in the workplace.  from BT Let's Talk

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