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Making the digital possible


19 April 2016

Global Services

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The world is changing and it’s changing fast.

According to the World Economic Forum, we’re on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution. Technology is fast reshaping our world. The prospect is exhilarating.

Digital transformation is being discussed at the board level, in IT and operational teams, in organisations around the world, no matter what industry they are in. That’s exactly how it should be. Because what’s digitally possible is not yet defined.

We see digital as the coming together of humans and technology in new ways resulting in fundamental changes in people, teams and organisations.

In the digital age, people aren’t just users, they are in the driving seat. Whether it’s the sharing economy, our always on lifestyle or the consumerisation of IT, everyone wants agility, flexibility and speed from their IT. Without compromising on security.

Customers and employees are becoming more demanding, ecosystems are evolving and the established rules of business economics are changing.

Art and science. People and technology, coming together in a creative way.

We call this the digital possible, – the amazing potential of digital to change not just businesses, but also communities, nations and the wider world.

We believe that an organisations’ digital possible is unique. And that there is no off the shelf solution to digitise a business.

This means that understanding, planning, realising and evolving your own digital possible is quite a challenge.

So what does this ‘digital possible’ mean for the CIO? Our previous report into the modern CIO told us their job was becoming more strategic, more creative and consultative. This year, we’ve interviewed more than 1000 CIOs around the world about how their role is changing further as they lead their organisations into the digital future.

The BT CIO report 2016 – “The digital CIO”, shows that CIOs are becoming ever more central to the boardroom and overall business strategy. The creative use of technology is absolutely accepted as a differentiator, not just in transforming costs or efficiency, but in improving customer experience and enabling disruptive growth.

And the network is at the heart of that. We build cloud-based IT ecosystems, the Cloud of Clouds, that allows organisations to connect easily and securely to the applications and data they need, when they need them.

If there’s one key message from our survey this year, it’s that there is no blueprint for any of this. The challenge is knowing the right questions to ask, when, as well as knowing what matters and what doesn’t.  We all need to have an open mind. The constraints of technology are lifting, enabling people to achieve more.

So what’s your digital possible?