Service in an age of video

Service in an age of video

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Is video the “next big thing” for customer experience?

Providing a richer, more personalised customer experience through video engagement

Video seems to have been on the brink of being the “next big thing” for about 20 years now. Has its time finally come?

In an era where customer experiences are becoming more automated and remote, video could be a way of providing customers with a richer sense of presence, a more personalised experience and the ability to share real-time content in a way that is scalable.

Given the technology has been around for a while, this paper looks at what is holding it back, whether there is an appetite for video engagement among consumers and looks at examples from banking, health, retail and technology sectors.

Consumer attitudes to video chat

Our Autonomous Customer research in 2015 revealed that the use of video in consumers’ everyday lives was becoming more widespread. This was supported by our Youbiquity Finance 2016 survey on financial services customers, which revealed that 24 per cent of UK & German and 34 per cent of Spanish consumers speak to their friends and family by video more than by phone. Twenty per cent used video frequently at work.

One technology company who ran an eight week trial on technical help using video got generally positive responses from customers who had used it:

  • It was easy to set up and use the video call with the Tech Expert.
  • My query was more effectively handled by being able to see the Tech Expert.
  • I would recommend using video calling into helpdesks to others.

There are still some cultural and social issues that hold us back, though. In the technical help trial, 39 per cent of video calls offered were declined by the customer. This is largely because people are not entirely happy having a camera pointed at them.

The advisor view of video chat

Many of the positives and negatives from the customer feedback are echoed by contact centre employees. Feedback from the technical help trial advisors was largely positive. They believed that video helped the interaction with the customer and was easy to use:

  • The customer’s query was more effectively handled by them being able to see me.
  • It was easy to set up and use the video call with the customer.
  • If used, being able to see the customer’s webcam was useful.

So is video chat the next big thing?

The answer is “maybe”, but there are some themes coming out that could mean the difference between success and failure…

Read the full whitepaper – Service in an age of video – to learn more and find out what to think about before deploying video chat.


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