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Bringing you more choice through our partner ecosystem
Like people, organisations rarely achieve great things alone. They need people with experience to help them reach their goals. People with specialist expertise to identify and fine tune the details. People who can challenge them to push the boundaries of their capabilities. They need teams. And they need partners.

At BT we have built strong, strategic partnerships because we recognise that proactive partnerships are the future of the IT industry and the cloud. Collaboration with other organisations can be crucial for our customers. By working with others we can achieve more than we believe to be possible - more than we could on our own and bring you more of the services  you need.

BT’s partnerships allow us to provide the solutions you require, delivering end-to-end service without the headache of having to deal with multiple suppliers and budgets. By working with other companies we take away the complexity of the cloud so you can work with one supplier while we work with our partners to create even more possibilities for you.

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The key to great connectivity is in our network Creating more possibilities through our partner ecosystem
Cutting edge technology solutions More choice in your move to the cloud

More choice, more flexibility

More choice and flexibility in the cloud.
The partners in our cloud ecosystem are a key part of BT’s Cloud of Clouds technology vision. By working with other organisations we’re offering more choice, great experience, simplicity and security for customers by bringing together the best services in the cloud from BT and from world class partners.

World class technology partners.
We have strategic vendor relationships across our whole portfolio, many of which involve joint go to market. Some of our largest relationships are with Cisco, Microsoft & Avaya. We also work with technology partners such as Riverbed, EMC, Oracle, Dolby, Polycom and Huawei.




BT and Cisco have been working in partnership for more than 25 years, providing strong joint innovation in network services. And BT is one of only four Global Certified Partners. Find out more about BT and Cisco.




BT has had a long standing relationship with Microsoft since 2002  with over 250 Microsoft Certified Professionals. Together, BT and Microsoft deliver cutting edge cloud application development. Find out more about BT and Microsoft.




BT is one of only 3 worldwide Avaya Platinum Partners and the only one outside the USA. Together we deliver collaboration solutions to the public sector and global finance. Find out more about BT and Avaya.




BT and Dolby work closely together to transform the collaboration experience with high quality audio embedded in BT’s unified communication services. Find out more about BT Meetme with Dolby.




Polycom technology and solutions forms an important part of BT’s leading telepresence and conferencing services, helping to bring customers together globally to collaborate and work more efficiently.




Amazon Web Services.
BT and Amazon Web Services focus on networking, security and managed services to help you reap the benefits of AWS around the globe. Find out more about BT and Amazon Web Services.