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How the mobile multiplier effect can benefit your business


01 February 2017

Global Services

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A positive mobile working experience benefits your people and boosts their productivity. But this ‘mobile multiplier’ effect requires the right technology.

Working outside the office is becoming increasingly common at organisations around the world. It makes time spent on the move productive, helping your people to complete tasks more efficiently, and reducing employee stress from being unable to finish projects while on the go. But you’ll only be able to make the most of mobile working if you have the right technology in place. That’s one of the reasons that the mobile multiplier employee is more likely to recognise the benefits of working on the go than the average office worker.

To find out more about the tools mobile multiplier employees find useful, take a look at our infographic below, and download the full report for more details.

How to give mobile workers the tools they need to succeed. from BT Let's Talk