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How to tackle endpoint security gaps caused by mobile working


07 March 2017

Rob Daniels

Blogs by author: Rob Daniels, General Manager of Security Portfolio Strategy, BT.


Our webinar explores how employees are more productive with the freedom to work remotely — but their devices put you at risk of an endpoint infection.

The cost of mobile security.

Today, it’s odds on that the majority of people who read this will do so via a laptop, smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. It’s the way we now work and consume information — but it means that security systems need to adapt.

Because we’re now able to access potentially sensitive data from almost anywhere, on a myriad of devices, there’s far more scope for security gaps which cyber criminals can exploit. This is the crux of the device and content challenge facing today’s information and security professionals, and the bad guys know how tough it’s going to be.

For many organisations, the response to these threats has been to load security agents onto every work device. However, traditional anti-virus software should only be viewed as one of the capabilities needed to keep devices secure. Fortunately, there are a growing number of options with which to enhance the security of your company’s endpoints. The ones you choose will depend on what you are trying to protect (type of device, application/data, identity).

Many of these take advantage of the computing capabilities of the cloud to analyse suspect code for malware. However, to be truly effective, whatever endpoint solution you implement needs to be integrated as an extension of your overall security architecture and operations, not as a separate activity.

Users aren’t to blame.

Endpoint protection can’t afford to blame ‘naïve’ users as the root of malware and ransomware risks. Cyber criminals have been refining their techniques for more than two decades, so the strategies they employ today are sophisticated and effective — even against the most cautious and savvy IT users.

If attackers do try their luck with a known exploit, endpoint agents may be able to block it going any further. But with billions up for grabs, there’s plenty of incentive to develop more sophisticated ways of circumventing traditional security approaches. In fact, the FBI recently reported that, over the past three years, scams targeting senior executives have cost global business over $2.3 billion.

To find out more about how you can better protect your organisation, and defend your digital employees against modern cyber attacks, join our webinar on Thursday 9 March at 15:00 GMT.

At the webinar, Rob Daniels, General Manager of Security Portfolio Strategy, BT, and James Asker, SE Team Leader, Check Point will look at how to deliver effective endpoint protection, the threats targeting your business and how to ensure continuity while boosting security.

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