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Welcome our latest Let’s Talk Magazine!

We live in a world where everything is connected. With everything connected, distance no longer sets limits on what we can achieve. Mobility gives people tremendous flexibility and freedom, while the rapidly growing Internet of Things brings intelligence to billions of objects. The potential – for growth, speed and agility – is limitless. Networking used to be just about technology: now it is also about imagination, know-how and insight. It’s as much an art as a science. That’s why we talk about “the Art of Connecting”: it is a recognition of the need to balance technology and creativity – the CIO has become a creator who brings his vision for the network to life.

In this edition of the magazine we touch upon a whole range of topics that are an integral part of this “Art of Connecting”. Alan Nance, Vice President of Technology Transformation at Royal Philips shares his vision on how they make the big switch to consumption-based cloud services. BT’s Futurologist, Nicola Millard, talks about the contact centre of the future. BT’s VP of Innovation Steve Masters explains how innovating together with customers is key to their success and why we are opening showcases in Diegem and Amsterdam. You will find advice on how IT Governance is fundamentally about value creation and much more.

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I do hope you enjoy the interviews and I am looking forward to talking to you at one of our future events or on LinkedIn.

Joris Van Oers
Joris van Oers,
CEO BT Benelux