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Connecting the global automotive industry for a better, digital future

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BT securely connects the global automotive industry

Choreographing information flows across clouds and complex global ecosystems , enabling better collaboration

BT connects the automotive industry

BT is active across the automotive industry, connecting vehicle manufacturers and parts suppliers, dealers and distributors. So that they can meet the needs of today while designing the dream cars of tomorrow.

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Transforming the way you use information

Automotive manufacturers depend on systems and applications to manage operations across a complex network of plants and sites worldwide. Leading companies look to BT to enable, secure and manage the networks across which this information flows. We also provide the collaboration tools that transform the way employees use and share information, so that they become more efficient in everything they do, from research and development to supply-chain management.

BT to help Williams Martini racing accelerate team communications

The Williams Martini Racing team will use BT’s high performance network services globally, facilitating secure and high speed communication as well as effective collaboration.

Collaborating for better design

Fixing a design flaw after a product has been launched is a very costly process. Misunderstandings in the product design phase have a disproportionate impact on cost, which means efficient communications are arguably more important than at any other stage in the product’s lifecycle.

See how we can enable your designers and engineers to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.

Reducing manufacturing lead times

Information is the lifeblood of just-in-time and just-in-sequence manufacturing. Interruptions to the flow of information will be felt immediately in the form of added cost, broken promises and disappointed customers.

See how BT designs and manages networks to meet the zero-tolerance requirements for application and network downtime of automotive manufacturers.

Operating a more efficient supply chain

The smooth movement of goods through the supply chain depends on the efficient exchange of information between all the parties involved. And the most efficient use of material demands real-time visibility of its status and location.

See how BT’s suite of collaboration tools can help your supply-chain planners and materials-management teams get the best from their suppliers, and how the BT Trace range of cloud-based solutions can provide your teams with end-to-end visibility of assets and inventory, in real-time.

Supporting smarter, more efficient dealerships

Today’s car buyers are a demanding audience that know their facts and tend to have a clear idea of exactly what they want before ever setting foot on the dealer’s premises. Having grown up with digital technology,  their expectations of the dealership experience – whether loitering in the waiting area, exploring the showroom or engaging with staff – are higher than ever.

See how BT can help automotive dealerships meet customer expectations and provide them with an interactive experience that helps close sales then and there.

Optimising the customer experience

In the highly competitive automotive industry, features like product quality and reliability no longer serve to differentiate brands. Service is becoming the key differentiator and, in this customer-experience orientated business, the contact centre is increasingly the hub of the customer’s relationship with the manufacturer.

See how BT helps automotive companies offer multi-channel customer service with knowledge-based routing of enquiries to best-available personnel.

Making better decisions

Big data - from sensor feeds, engineering simulations, social media posts and countless other high-volume, high-velocity information flows – promises to revolutionise decision-making in the automotive industry by delivering actionable insights.

See how BT can help companies to transmit, store, secure and bring high-performance predictive analytics to bear on big data.

Securing the connected car

The connected car is already here – it’s big and it’s growing fast, but without connected security it is an accident waiting to happen.

See how BT cyber-security consultancy and services can be used to protect the connected car from network-based attacks.


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BT delivering improved performance for Williams Martini Racing

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