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Establishing visibility over far-flung global operations

Enable real-time visibility of infrastructure and operations

From overcrowded public systems to increasing congestion on the roads, modern transport problems are intensified by the pressing need to reduce carbon emissions. Our network and our experience in taking on these challenges make us the ideal supplier for the integrated transport systems that are needed – now and in the future. We can improve standards of efficiency, integration, safety, accessibility, and sustainability across your transport infrastructures.

Our US$1.4 billion R&D programme includes collaborative research projects in transport industry applications. One such project is exploring vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside communications. Our clients include English, Welsh and Scottish Railways along with operators and infrastructure providers in France, Netherlands and Italy. We also serve National Car Rental, The Automobile Association, Transport for London, Network Rail, First Group and many others.

  •  Improve the customer experience with flexible, cloud-based omni-channel contact centers
  •  Enable business partners to collaborate as though geographic, organizational and systems barriers did not exist
  •  Collect, store and transmit data reliably and securely
  •  Improve decision making with intelligent data analytics
  •  Improve the efficiency with which globally distributed teams collaborate
  •  Secure the network perimeter, manage firewalls, authenticate users, safeguard data and identify cyber threats
  •  Reduce travel, emissions and cost
  •  Control and manage ICT spend