BT & the Cruyff Foundation: first ‘Schoolyard14’ in Mechelen opens at De Spiegel primary school

(2 September 2016)

City of Mechelen adds ‘Schoolyard14’ to its BT-supported Cruyff Court

Schoolplein 14 De SpiegelDe Spiegel primary school in Leest (City of Mechelen, Belgium) threw open the gates to its ‘Schoolyard14’ yesterday – the first in the city.

Schoolyard14 is an initiative of the Johan Cruyff Foundation that aims to motivate primary school pupils to play together and take part in sports. The Mechelen project is a joint effort of BT, the municipality and the school.

Mechelen works with the Cruyff Foundation and BT since 2014, when BT initiated the first Cruyff Court in Belgium.

Encouraging youth to be active

Encouraging youngsters to be active will always be a priority for our city. The Schoolyard14 project challenges youngsters to play more, increase personal fitness and be more involved in sports.”
- Walter Schroons, Alderman of Sports.

Fabrice De Windt, CEO Benelux for BT

We are committed to being a purposeful, responsible business. We are therefore proud of the years of cooperation with the Cruyff Foundation and the City of Mechelen and wish the children of De Spiegel lots of fun with their own Schoolyard14.”
- Fabrice De Windt, CEO Benelux for BT.

Schoolplein 14Schoolyard14 – what is it?

Schoolyard14 is about transforming playgrounds into multipurpose grounds for sports and games. This is done by painting lines and areas for use as athletic track, a playing circle or a football pitch. The school decides on the choice of coatings, together with its pupils.

On top of the playground design, the school also gets an accompanying sports package with materials - supporting the coloured areas - and a game handbook.

Next to encouraging sports and play, the Schoolyard14 programme offers teachers better structure and oversight on the schoolyard. It helps encourage children less interested in sports and stimulate pupils’ creativity to invent their own games.

Cruyff FoundationThe 14 rules of Johan Cruyff

The name Schoolyard14 refers to the 14 rules that Johan Cruijff established for the foundation. The coatings ensure that schoolyards - more than ever - become a place to meet, with central themes such as respect, health, integration, development and playing together. Those themes are brought to life by Johan Cruijff’s 14 rules, which can be found at every Schoolyard and every Cruyff Court worldwide.

Soon, the Sint-Maartenschool in Hombeek (also in Mechelen) will get its own Schoolyard14.

BT & the Cruyff Foundation

BT has been working with the Cruyff Foundation since 2010. In Mechelen, BT specifically adopted the ‘Heroes of the Cruyff Courts’ programme. Next to financial contributions – from employee fundraising activities – many BT employees are volunteers at Cruyff Foundation events.

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