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The benefits

Find the right answer

BT Advise goes further than technology. We don’t simply offer our customers a physical network, cables, servers and systems. Professional ICT advice is also part of our service, just like access to networks, and knowledge and expertise in the area of technical infrastructures. In addition, we guarantee that our solutions connect seamlessly with your business objectives. Our consultants think along with you to help you make the right choices. What should you invest in? Where can you realise savings? We team with you to find appropriate answers to these kinds of questions. So that you get tangible results and your ICT investments yield optimal ROI.

Always the right path
The technology that you’re working with today might no longer be adequate next year. So, BT Advise develops tailored solutions that suit your evolving needs perfectly. To do this, we apply current, leading methods and best practices we’ve developed in-house. Whatever path our consultants propose, they always make sure that your operational management is innovative,
cost-effective, controlled and sustainable.

Innovative:  We help you invest in innovative technologies that will do the job for many years, avoiding unnecessary depreciation and investments.

Cost-effective: We make sure that your business plans fit with your timelines and budget. To do this, we pay careful attention to efficient and measurable processes.

Controlled: We help prevent budgetary surprises. Furthermore, we make sure that you stay in full control.

Sustainable: We make sure that your project makes a sustainable contribution to your environmental objectives. Smarter and less investment in physical technology will drive down your energy consumption.

Multidisciplinary team
Our consultants constantly seek a balance between concrete solutions and sustainable results for your company or organisation. They have experience with a variety of specialties and are accustomed to working with multiple technologies and methods. Thanks to this cross-fertilization, they come up with innovative insights and solutions. Plus, they advise and assist you in the areas where you most need their experience – whether that’s purely technical, purely conceptual, or a combination of both. To provide you with the added value you’re looking for, our consultants call on a broad palette of services.

Focus areas

IT- Business alignment: IT alignment with business goals and strategies to bridge the gap between business goals and business results, by creating roadmaps optimizing migrations to future states using proven frame works. This area is closely connected with our BT Advise Horizon portfolio.

Datacenter: Development of specific services in the area of datacenter: support services, consulting services, management services and outsourcing services. For more information on our datacenter capabilities please visit our capability statement  .

Migration management: Development of standard approach for complex migrations optimizing control of costs and optimizing implementation time. For more information on our migration management capabilities please visit our capability statement  .

Fast analysis: BT Quick Starts
To help your company or organisation move forward quickly, we use BT Quick Starts for each part of our service. During a short evaluation, our consultants fully investigate a specific component of your ICT housekeeping. Together with you, they analyse your operational challenges and uncover critical elements. A BT Quick Start offers a clear, comprehensive starting point from which you can then tackle these challenges with the right (new) technology. Simply contact us for the following BT Quick Starts:

  • Carbon Impact Assessment: BT helps you reduce your energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Secure Networking: BT uncovers the weak spots in your network, so that you can defend yourself better against hackers and other attacks.
  • Work Anywhere: BT offers your company insight into the benefits and costs of flexible work arrangements in your organisation.
  • Unified Communications and Collaboration: BT explores which tools you need to have your employees communicate and collaborate more efficiently with customers, suppliers and colleagues.
  • IT Audit: BT analyses your network infrastructure against industry standards and best practices.
  • Business Continuity Management: BT helps you develop a strategy to guarantee your business continuity during possible interruptions such as natural disasters, external attacks, and human error.

What it costs

Consultancy from BT comes with a range of competitive commercial packages.  BT Advise can offer Consultancy expertise of an hourly rate or as a fixed fee for a result based solution.

More information about our Consultancy Services? Please send an email to: .

More reasons to buy

Our Business Consultants focus on your business drivers and align your ICT strategy to enhance business performance as IT governance consultant, Business Process Consultant, Information Manager, Quality manager or Interim Manager.

Business Consultants:

  • Higher vocational education/ university degree 
  • ITIL v2 Service Manager
  • ITIL v3 expert
  • Prince2

Our Technical Consultants design and implement these changes to your ICT infrastructure to lower cost, maximise flexibility and improve security.

Technical Consultants:

  • Higher vocational education or university degree, 
  • Certifications for Cisco, Microsoft, VMware , Citrix, Oracle and SQL Server
  • Experience with security, mobile network (4G/ LTE )