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Mobile is critical for businesses, not a luxury

When it comes to mobile working, cutting costs could be a false economy holding your organisation back.

Mobile devices are vital to today’s employees - two thirds of people regularly use at least 1GB of data each month for work and almost half use their smartphone for most work calls1. They want to do more on the move too – seven out ten people say they want to be able to share their smartphone screens for work. And three in five say instant messaging on their smartphone would make them more productive1.

Yet a third of people restrict how much they use mobile abroad, and one in five say they regularly run out of data1 - limiting their productivity.

There’s an ever-present tension between giving people what they need to work effectively on the move and managing the cost. You want your people to do more, but you don’t want your costs to rocket as a result.

We believe that with the right insight and policies in place, you can achieve both.

1 SOURCE: The mobile multiplier, Davis Hickman, Oct 2016


Get the right insight, then put the right controls in place

To balance the cost and productivity of mobile workers:

Start with your people. Think about how they’re working and what they need to do their job on any device and from any location.

Make sure you understand your mobile operation. Do you know how many devices you have, who owns them, how much you spend on roaming, who your big spenders are and what apps they’re using? We can help you with a full inventory of your mobile estate and reporting capabilities. So you can put in place policies and working practices that let your people make the most of mobile working, without restricting their productivity.

Get roaming spend under control. We can provide aggregated data roaming packages that you can share across all your people. This helps you avoid bill shock as you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying. And you’ll get the 4G coverage your people need across 170 countries.

Use Wi-Fi as an alternative to 3G and 4G. We can connect you to more than 5 million hotspots in the UK and 19.5 million globally. And you can save even more by using Wi-Fi to make IP calls.

Get the right policies in place. We can help you manage how much data your people use. And make sure they’ve only got the apps you want them to.

Compress data so the amount of data that’s pushed over your network is reduced. We can help reduce the volume of data required to download videos and images in a way that is undetectable to your end users. Depending on how you use mobile data, compression could reduce usage by an additional 10%, on top of the reduction gained through policy and controls.

Let your people control their own spend. We can make sure your people are always aware of how much they’ve spent with real-time alerts and insight. This not only keeps them informed about their own usage, but can inspire behavioral changes. Often, employees begin to curtail their own data consumption once they see their own usage analytics.

How we can help

Manage all areas of mobile cost

Be confident that your people can collaborate and work anywhere, without your costs rocketing as a result:

  • One Mobile anywhere – a data roaming service designed to cut the cost and complexity of global data roaming. It provides a dependable internet connection across multiple devices, well below the market price, in over 170 countries.
  • One Mobile secure data management – helps cut mobile data costs by up to 44%. It  provides a clear view of how mobile data is being used at both an individual, group or company level. Plus it has the tools you need to make any changes.
  • One Voice expenses - extends the insight needed to control your costs beyond mobile data to mobile voice and even into your fixed estate.

You can add more users to any of our solutions whenever you like. And they all work with your existing mobile service. Simple.

We’re the partner to help you unlock new ways of collaborating. We have:

  • extensive enterprise mobility experience - we’ve helped global brands and national organisations introduce mobility solutions that improve productivity and cut operating costs.
  • understanding of the full mobility lifecycle - our portfolio covers every aspect of managing a mobile environment, from securing mobile devices to delivering a branded app store.
  • security expertise - we’re one of the largest security and business continuity practices in the world, with 2,000 security professionals globally.

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