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The benefits

Making the change to realise the benefits

 Change is now a way of life for all organisations. It’s how:

  • new or improved services are delivered
  • new practices are introduced
  • supplier relationships change

Businesses are always trying to achieve excellence by improving their practices and services. Or they’re attempting to be better prepared for the future, by making innovation possible and by encouraging new ways of thinking and doing business. When there is major change, there is always complexity and risk. This is because there are many interdependencies to manage and conflicting priorities to resolve. Realising the right benefits and outcomes from change requires a structured approach to coordinate, communicate, align, manage and control the activities involved.

Program and Project Management of BT Advise provide this approach, through:

  • Organisation
  • Procedures
  • Inputs and outputs
  • New ways of thinking

BT Program and Project Management Method

Effective program and project management relies on four aspects:

1. Accountability tells us what a person is accountable for doing and who they are accountable to.

2. Methods and procedures are used if consistency in undertaking an activity adds value; if consistency does not add value, procedures are not needed.

3. Systems and tools should make the operation of the procedures more effective and efficient.

4. Culture sets the tone for how the accountabilities, procedure and tools are used in practice. For example, a culture of “distrust” will lead to more people being accountable for checking your work which leads to more complex procedures and tools.

Publishing procedures and providing tools is essential to effective program and project management– but there’s a lot more to it. It is the way in which they are used that makes the difference. This is why we have developed the BT PPM Method.  The BT PPM Method provides a flexible and stable set of operating procedures which are independent of organisation structure and can be tailored for specific uses. They are designed to work as a whole, rather than as a set of independent activities. Procedures are at the heart of the BT PPM Method, and all its other material revolves around them. Procedures are written as short statements of what needs to be done, what is to be created and by whom. The method provides all education, guidance and supporting material in other documents.

BT’s approach is built on recognised best practice

Founded on MSP and PRINCE2: MSP, IPMA and PRINCE2 are designed to be adapted to suit the environment in which they are used, rather than being universally applicable ‘out of the box’. We have therefore adopted the principles of both methods to create the build on a specific BT Method.

Focus areas

Datacenter: Development of specific services in the area of datacenter: support services, consulting services, management services and outsourcing services. For more information on our datacenter capabilities please visit our capability statement on our website .

Migration management: Development of standard approach for complex migrations optimizing control of costs and optimizing implementation time. For more information on our migration management capabilities please visit our capability statement on our website .

What it costs

Project/Program Management from BT comes with a range of competitive commercial packages. 

For Project & Program Management we offer different service concepts:

Staffing: Staffing is a service where a single ICT consultant is engaged at and managed by our customer (time and material and/or fixed price).

Flexbox: Flexbox is a service, where our customer defines the work packages, which is sourced through a pool of consultants.

More information about our Project & Programme Management expertise, please send an email to:

More reasons to buy

Our  and Project and Program Managers add value by reducing time to market and minimizing risks through leveraging our extensive ICT management knowledge in large national and international projects. We have a substantial Program Management community which is used to work within a highly complex (inter)national environment. They are able to work on multiple projects and have broad experience in global WAN migrations.

Program Manager:

Achieve strategic goals
Higher vocational education, Management science 
Prince 2 practitioner
Business and consultancy skills

Project Manager:

Higher vocational education 
Prince2 practitioner
Business and consultancy skills