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Cloud of Clouds


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Cloud of Clouds

Bringing cloud services together – a global vision

As a creative CIO you’re looking to cloud, not just for flexibility and cost savings, but to realise its truly transformational potential to create new business models and deliver competitive advantage.

But lingering doubts are still holding you back. Our recent research with Ovum, Realising possibilities in the cloud, the need for a trusted broker, highlighted that organisations are grappling with the move to a cloud-based infrastructure. You’re concerned about securing both data and network; about managing hybrid clouds; retaining control; complying with regulation; assuring end-user performance; and having access to the right skills.

Clearly one size doesn’t fit all. One kind of cloud is not enough. One service provider can’t give you all the applications you want. But you would like one partner to be able to manage it all for you. In short, a Cloud Services Integrator.

Our vision is to help you move confidently and successfully along your journey to cloud whilst minimising the complexity, risk and cost.  To give you a choice of roadmaps that work for your organisation, in a way that will deliver the results you need without creating any blind alleys, U-turns or future issues.

We’ve gathered together the services of all the major cloud providers with our own. We’ve built our data centres in the locations you need them and we’ve brought our partners’ services onto our network.

Only a company like BT could do this. Because we own the network and the data centres. Because we have the undisputed security expertise. Because we have the relationships and the know-how to make it work.

That’s how we can offer you the choice you want with the control you need. How we can take away the complexity and offer a single SLA in return. How we can help you realise the real possibilities in the cloud.

From our solutions to our research, we’re investing in helping our customers move to the cloud; and we want to share our insight with you. Please view our additional resources below to learn how our vision for cloud is becoming a reality. We’d also love to hear your thoughts and feedback on any of the issues or topics we have raised. Please connect with us to share your thoughts.

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