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Conferencing services mean greater efficiency and sustainability benefits for global security company


G4S is the world’s leading security solutions group. It specialises in outsourced business processes and facilities in sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat. With operations in more than 125 countries and over 657,000 employees, G4S is the largest employer quoted on the London Stock Exchange. In the UK and Ireland alone, the company has around 45,000 staff and more than 80 offices.

Given the scale and diversity of its global workforce, effective communication is of vital importance. Historically, this has meant a lot of business travel for the G4S executive team and managers, both within the UK and internationally.

Richard North, IT Services Co-ordinator at G4S UK and Ireland, says: “We needed to use technology to improve collaboration and communication among remote teams while reducing the need for business travel.” G4S chose BT Conferencing as its preferred supplier of on-demand audio and web conferencing services.


A combination of BT MeetMe and Cisco WebEx services is now available to G4S employees, who can sign up for personal accounts through a co-branded web portal.

BT MeetMe is a hosted audio conferencing service that only requires a fixed or mobile phone for access. It’s easy to use and available at any time, every day of the year. Prior booking is unnecessary and there are no fixed charges for the service itself. Cisco WebEx combines desktop sharing through a web browser with video and audio conferencing. It’s ideal for sharing information and delivering presentations or training events remotely.

“G4S is a conservative company and although the popularity of web conferencing is steadily increasing currently we mainly use BT MeetMe. We have more than 600 registers account holders of which 330 are highly active,” says Richard North.


Use of conferencing services across G4S is constantly increasing and the company is gaining big benefits in terms of greater efficiency and productivity, direct cost savings and the sustainability benefits of much reduced business travel. As well as its extensive use by the G4S management team, BT MeetMe and WebEx are increasingly being used for project meetings – improving communication and collaboration between remote staff and speeding decision-making.

Richard North says: “The beauty of BT MeetMe and Cisco WebEx is that we get a fully managed service that needs no G4S resource. The services don’t require any capital investment, they are competitively priced, and we only pay for what we use.”

The BT managed service includes co-branded and personalised email briefings containing hints and tips to help registered users make the most of the service. Richard North sums up: “I never hear any complaints about the BT conferencing services. They are saving us time and money and promoting a culture change that’s encouraging better collaboration across the company.”

Core Services

  • BT MeetMe on-demand audio conferencing
  • Cisco WebEx web conferencing


Case study

G4S case study