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George Mason University: IP address management from BT Diamond IP takes care of security at leading American seat of learning


Needing to raise control and lower IP address management costs, George Mason University chose IPControl™ from BT Diamond IP

What’s the definition of a tall order? How about managing the security of a network serving more than 34,000 students on 200 degree programs over 100 buildings in 14 locations? All the more so when users want to control their local networks.

In resolving that issue, John Hanks chose IPControl™ from BT Diamond IP. Facilitating the specialist job of IP address management, IPControl offers task distribution under central management. That lets the IT team focus on more valuable things, satisfied that a significant technical role is safely supervised.

Security assured. Productivity improved. Peace of mind delivered.

IPControl has certainly enhanced productivity. It’s easy to use and you get the information you need very quickly.”
- John Hanks, Advisory Network Engineer, George Mason University


George Mason University, situated in the heart of Northern Virginia’s high technology corridor, is highly regarded and has achieved distinction in many areas. For example, its School of Law has been recognized as one of the top 40 in the United States.

IT plays a critical role at Mason; almost everything at the university is online. The network is mission critical. It supports a wide range of applications and offers high-speed wired and wireless access for students, staff, and visitors. Managing the security of such a complex and diverse environment was a growing issue for the university’s IT department.

John Hanks, Advisory Network Engineer at Mason, recalls: “As the university grew, and users wanted more control over their local networks, IP address management became fragmented. Multiple departments controlled different IP blocks and domains, and records were being kept in an inconsistent manner.”

Mason used a variety of IP address management tools, including Nortel NetID. Changes to national and local policies, in the interests of enhanced security and privacy standards, demanded more comprehensive IP address allocation records at all times. This led Mason to look for an improved IP address management solution. It evaluated tools from several vendors and chose IPControl™ from BT Diamond IP.


IPControl supports the entire IP address lifecycle for both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. It enables cohesive and simplified management of IP address space, subnets, DNS, DHCP, and individual address assignment in one integrated solution.

John Hanks says: “IPControl ticked every box. It was also the only solution that supported mandatory completion of user-defined fields. This was an important feature to help us meet internal security policies.”

Mason first ran an extensive laboratory trial to build familiarity and confidence in IPControl. Success in that test led to a contract with BT Diamond IP for 15,000 licenses together with professional services for implementation. This involved installation and configuration against the university’s requirements, and import and cleansing of existing data, as well as user training and knowledge transfer. The implementation occurred in two phases. DHCP was cut over first, followed by DNS three months later. BT was on site at each cut over to ensure things went smoothly.

With IPControl we get the benefit of centralized management, but can still allow individual departments full control of both their IP space and DNS domains,” explains John Hanks. “This ability to delegate management yet keep 100 percent control was one of the key reasons we chose IPControl as our address management solution.”


The ability to delegate administration tasks and responsibilities has substantially reduced the burden on the central IT team. This enables more rapid responses to individual user requirements, and has freed up time that can be spent on core network improvement and growth projects.

Mason has been impressed with BT Diamond IP after sales service too.

John Hanks concludes: “The technical support provided by BT is just awesome. We have some unusual requirements and we seem to break everything, but the difference with IPControl is that if we do have an issue BT responds and we have a fix very quickly.”

Mason now has over 100 administrators using IPControl on a regular basis and, given the rapid growth of the university, it has extended its deployment of IPControl and now manages some 60,000 IP addresses. Its approach to the use of advanced technology has not gone unnoticed. Recently it was ranked number one on the US News & World Report list of up-and-coming national universities, based on an assessment of its appetite for innovation.


Full lifecycle management
BT Diamond IP is a leading provider of software and appliance products that help customers effectively manage complex IP networks. Its IP Control™ product set, the most comprehensive IP address management (IPAM) solution on the market today, is available as a software application or pre-installed on Sapphire appliances.

IPControl provides centralized full lifecycle management of mission critical IP management functions including IPv4 and IPv6 address space assignment, allocation/reallocation, pool monitoring, utilization tracking and creation, and deployment of multi-vendor DNS and DHCP configurations.

Flexible and integrated
Offering a comprehensive and holistic approach to critical network task IP address management, IPControl offers flexible deployment options to integrate into a multi-vendor DNS/DHCP infrastructure. The product has a friendly graphical user interface and unsurpassed customizability via ExtenSimple™ architecture. Safeguarding network integrity and security, IPControl automatically validates information as it is entered, preventing users creating IP address management problems through incorrect data input.

Intuitive and comprehensive
Designed for enterprises and service providers with distributed network locations, IPControl software and Sapphire hardware enable them to remotely administer IPAM policies and DNS/DHCP services. Sapphire appliances provide the most comprehensive IPAM feature set, with the ability to monitor and manage distributed servers all from a single holistic web user interface. An intuitive central system is complemented by the peace of mind that comes from centralized patches and upgrades, and built-in security and redundancy features.

IPControl from BT Diamond IP has been named by Nortel as the designated replacement for its retired IP Address Domain Manager (also known as NetID).

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