Ministerio de Defensa

Ministerio de Defensa: Always-on communication keeps forces ready for action

Spanish ministry relies on BT for robust and secure corporate network interconnection node

Managing ballooning network traffic

As lieutenant-colonel in charge of the general-purpose wide area network for the Spanish Ministry of Defence, Emilio Rico Ruiz faced a huge challenge. He had to cater for an explosion in the use of networked services while ensuring the ministry’s connections were fully secure and always available.

A main internet interconnection node now links all the force’s corporate systems with the outside world. Thankfully, Emilio is able to rely on BT people working hand-in-hand with his team to ensure the node is always ready to serve the needs of the Ministry of Defence.

Ministerio de DefensaIf I need to speak to someone from BT all I have to do is step outside my office. They’re right there. That’s handy for communication and essential for providing the quick, flexible service we require.”
- Emilio Rico Ruiz, Lieutenant-Colonel, Networks and Network Services, Spanish Ministry of Defence

Fast facts

  • Soaring armed forces, emergency services and intra-governmental traffic levels
  • Main internet interconnection node (iNET) upgraded
  • 99.8% and 99.9% monthly and annual availability SLAs met
  • 24/7 support provided by BT professional services team

In a cloud-based world, resilience is critical

In today’s virtual world, lightning-speed internet connectivity has to be matched by cast-iron availability guarantees. Expertly-designed redundant network architecture provides the reassurance the ministry seeks.

Keeping a sharp lookout at the network’s edge

Security services are never more tested than where a network meets the rest of the world, out at its perimeter. Safety measures built into the node’s hardware and software keep a steady eye on ministry traffic to and from the internet to combat hackers and worse

Having one’s friends close at hand

Highly qualified technicians on call around the clock mean emergencies are never allowed to escalate into dramas. The ministry gets that reassurance from an onsite professional service team