Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust: Real-time online observations revolutionise clinical practice

Nottingham University Hospitals selects BT to deploy 4,000+ Apple devices for improved patient care

Class-leading continuity of care

Given the opportunity to work on a hospital-wide project, Sue Clarke, clinical applications specialist, jumped at the chance. Not least because this innovative change programme would significantly contribute to improving patient outcomes while transforming staff’s efficiency and working lives.

Apple iPads, iPhones and iPod touch devices were chosen on which to run a Nervecentre app to put patient observations online and help eliminate delays and human errors. Speed of response to deteriorating patients is just one of its major benefits. Continuity of care is another. A BT team worked with Sue to assure the rollout’s speed and integrity.

Mark Simmons, Lead Consultant, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS TrustBT provided over 4,000 devices that worked immediately. The Nervecentre software was on there and personal email addresses were already loaded. All people needed to do was turn on and get on with their work.”
- Mark Simmonds, Lead Consultant, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Fast facts

  • Improve how patient observations are recorded and communicated
  • Apple iOS devices chosen for mobile access to Nervecentre app
  • BT sourced and configured over 4,000 iOS devices so they worked out of the box
  • Ambitious rollout plan saw 150 devices delivered every week
  • Crucial clinical information is always available to all staff members
  • Continuity of patient care is assured

Impartial advice and guidance

The turnkey rollout for Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust was managed by BT Advise professional services consultants. As well as device and apps technical compatibility testing, BT sourced cases complying with infection control requirements.

Getting the best from your mobile resources

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