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Security Threat Defence

Protect your organisation

Detect and prevent advanced threats, with BT’s experts protecting your organisation around the clock.

As a number of high profile attacks remind us, a security breach can happen to anyone, at any time. Defending your organisation against increasingly sophisticated, targeted, and complex attacks requires the right blend of technology, expertise, and intelligence. Failure to adequately protect your business could lead to loss of data, revenue, brand reputation, and customer loyalty.

With operations in over 180 countries supporting some of the world’s largest companies, from financial institutions to pharmaceuticals, we have a unique perspective on cyber crime. We know that an attack can happen anytime.

So we’ve built a team of 2,500 experts who are constantly watching, learning, predicting and responding to threats to protect us and our customers. So you can rely on us to protect you.

  • Reduce risk, ensure your security defences are professionally managed by BT. Our service monitors all network points of entry and exit, such as web and email traffic, to identify and analyse suspicious behaviours that would indicate a potential security breach.
  • As a managed service, you’ll have around the clock access to expert cyber analysts who can provide immediate response to critical alerts or targeted malware detected within your network.
  • Key features include: real-time blocking of web-based attacks, protecting against unknown zero-day attacks, fighting blended attacks across web and email, as well as security expertise on tap – all monitoring, managing and optimising your network for maximum protection.
  • We also provide Incident Response Services to investigate and resolve security events, ranging from single-system compromises to enterprise-wide intrusions.


Effective threat defence improves the security of your business.

To improve the threat defence of your business, we recommend that you:

  • Detect targeted attacks and make sure you’re protecting your most important assets with a solution that is expertly implemented, monitored, and maintained.
  • Have continuous threat protection in real-time, across multiple attack vectors including web, email, end-point, cloud, and mobile; underpinned by advanced cyber threat intelligence.
  • Protect your business from reputation damage by being able to respond effectively and quickly.
  • Consider outsourcing the management and monitoring of your security alerts to take away the cost and difficulty of resourcing the required expertise, and focus on your wider security strategy.
  • Enable industry-leading protection with advanced threat detection and remediation.

How we can help

Managing your threat defence in-house can be complex and costly.

We know the key challenges in professionally managing threat defence. That’s why by working with us, we can help you to:

Detect and prevent advanced attacks

Traditional security solutions fail to identify and detect some of the most dangerous attacks such as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), zero-days, and targeted attacks, because they rely on signature-based detection technologies. This leaves you potentially exposed to new threats and puts your data at risk. Our service and experts understand these threats and how to protect against them.

Avoid alert overload

The number of alerts is overwhelming and with more than half of alerts being false, your security staff are struggling to cope. This means you may be missing the genuine threats to your business. Many alerts are evaluated incorrectly, either by mistake or just because of the sheer volume to deal with. It’s also very expensive to have expert security analysts assessing the alerts 24X7. We can do this on your behalf.

Improve detection and remediation timescales

The time to detect a breach, mobilise, and remediate is the crucial factor in determining the difference between a minor security incident and a major data breach with reputation damaging impacts. Studies have confirmed that the median breach still remains undetected for 200 days and a further 90 days are needed to remove and recover to normal business operations. Our service can help you to reduce the exposure.

Gain real time visibility

A key aspect of network security is insight: having the proper visibility of the major threats, and being able to prove your security or compliance status at any given time. Proving visibility of where things stand is core to compliance and information risk management. We help you to achieve this.