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Consolidate to avoid digital dislocation and save money


27 September 2016

Global Services

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Our latest research shows how consolidating your infrastructure can be the first step to helping your organisation communicate and collaborate — overcoming digital dislocation.

Technology doesn’t guarantee productivity.

New technology transforms the way you do business, but it can also cause digital dislocation. This means that your people work from different locations (at home or on the move), but aren’t collaborating as effectively as they could. And that harms your productivity.

Consolidate your infrastructure helps avoid this problem. It’s the easiest way to bring your people together — wherever they are in the world — and make sure they have the right collaboration tools.

Collaborate effectively.

Check out our infographic below — based on our latest research, in partnership with Cisco — to see how consolidating your infrastructure can solve digital dislocation in your organisation. And find out more at bt.com/DigitalDislocation.