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Infographic — why collaboration is more vital than you think


05 May 2016

Dr Nicola Millard

Blogs by author: Dr Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight and Futures, BT


In days gone by, your office used to be the ultimate collaboration tool. But as technology takes over, you have to find new ways to bring people together.

The best thing about being at the office.

Wherever you work, there’s always one good thing about your office. It’s nothing to do with its location, it doesn’t have anything to do with the pizza in the canteen and it’s certainly not about the roof terrace you host barbecues on in the summer.

No, the best thing about your office is that it gathers all of your people in one place and helps them work together. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t get far if your employees couldn’t talk to each other about the projects they’re working on.

You have to work together with new technology.

However, as technology changes the way we work, the office is losing its ability to bring people together. Collaboration is an important part of the day-to-day running of your organisation. So, as your people create their own little offices all over the world, you have to find new ways to help them connect with each other effectively.

Here’s why you have to pay more attention to collaboration as technology transforms your organisation.

You can find out more about how to collaborate effectively by downloading our latest research white paper, ‘The Collaboration Conundrum’, written by BT’s Head of Customer Insight and Futures, Dr. Nicola Millard.