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The silver lining to your (already great) cloud solutions


10 August 2016

Global Services

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You know that the cloud offers big benefits when it comes to cost, flexibility and computing capacity. But it could give you even more. Here’s how.

Do you have a cloud optimisation strategy? If not, then you’re not alone. While the immediate benefits of using enterprise cloud solutions to improve your IT are well known, the advantages of an optimisation strategy are mysterious to many.

And that’s unfortunate, because, while cloud solutions alone are great, bringing those solutions together with a coherent, managed strategy will help you get even more from your investment.

Our BT and Cisco-sponsored IDC report — ‘Don’t Get Left Behind: The Business Benefits of Achieving Greater Cloud Adoption’ — takes an in-depth look at what you stand to gain from optimising your cloud strategy.

To give you a taster of what you can expect to see in the paper, we’ve created an infographic, detailing some of the key facts behind an optimised cloud strategy. Take a look below for an insight into what your own silver lining might be.

To get the full story, make sure you read the white paper: ‘Don’t Get Left Behind — The Business Benefits of Achieving Greater Cloud Adoption’.