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Why today’s CISO needs to be a strategic visionary


09 August 2016

Global Services

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Gone are the days when ‘all’ the CISO did was keep threats out. Now, it’s about strategy as much as defence.

Today’s CISO is the first-line of defence against a multitude of threat vectors like ransomware, phishing, hacking, fake websites and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. They are also increasingly involved in strategy, as organisations take on the challenges of thriving in the digital world.

Organisations that want to make the most of new business opportunities need a CISO who has a clear picture of cyber security threats — including the ways these will develop and adapt in the future.

The CISO in 2016 needs to grasp both the technicalities of security management and the possibilities of digital channels. They need to be both a skilled operator and a visionary — helping their organisation to navigate today’s changing threat landscape while coming up with new, innovative strategies to protect it in the future.

See the security landscape from the point of view of today’s CISOs in our infographic, below:

Infosec CISO research infographic from BT